Tinted Raffle

Tinted Prose is my Etsy shop (check out what’s currently up for sale here!).

I paint book pages, and sometimes book covers. I am always happy to take custom requests or to try to get your favorite book in stock for you.

I use art as a means of stress relief. I struggle with depression and anxiety. My social anxiety seems to get worse almost every day, but painting helps calm me down and also helps me to connect with people. I use my painting to create a community of book readers, and the Tinted Raffle lets me use my voice to raise money for charity.

The latest raffle prize is coming soon. Tickets are $3 each (3 tickets = $9, 7 tickets = $21, etc), and you can purchase as many as you want. $15 of the proceeds will go to Tinted Prose to cover raffle costs, and the rest will be donated to TBD

Click the link to get started! paypal.me/tintedprose

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