25 in Five Wrapup! December 2018

If you missed my 25 in Five TBR post, you can check it out here!

I had a great readathon, even if I didn’t, in fact, make it to 25 hours total. I did accomplish a lot of reading goals though!
Total Reading Time: 19 Hours

Total books read: 3

The only book I didn’t manage to complete during the readathon is The City of Brass. I’m currently in the middle of it and I’m super interested in seeing where it goes.

Book 1: Skyward by Brandon Sanderson – 5 Stars

Though I’m not planning a full review of this one (unless people want it! Let me know in the comments) I really loved it! I shouldn’t be surprised, because I love every Sanderson book I’ve ever read. There’s an amazing AI, super interested preternatural abilities, and of course super cool spaceship fights. Highly recommend it if you love Sci-fi.

Book 2: Hunting Annabelle by Wendy Heard – 3 Stars

This was a very different genre choice for me, and I really enjoyed it! I have a full review up, so check it out if you like thrillers!

Book 3: Slayer by Kiersten White – 4 Stars

I loved a lot of aspects of this book, but I have to acknowledge its flaws. It is not perfect, but neither is Buffy so I love it for that. I also have a full review of this one up now!

Let me know how the readathon went for you if you participated! Can’t wait till the next round of 25 in Five!


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