Top Ten Tuesday: Favorite Couples…of EVIL!

Top Ten Tuesday was created by The Broke and the Bookish in June of 2010 and was moved to That Artsy Reader Girl in January of 2018. 

In light of Valentine’s day this week, the prompt is Favorite Couples, but I already wrote that post so I decided to change it up and talk about some of my favorite antagonistic/villain relationships. Some of these are evil duos, and some are hero/villain pairs.

1. Harleen Quinzel & The Joker

So I’m not the world’s biggest Batman fan, but I LOVE the relationship between these two. Yes it is highly complex, and confusing but I adore it. If you have seen a few movies and have a general understanding of who some Batman villains are, I highly recommend Batman: White Knight by Sean Gordon Murphy. It is now probably my favorite Batman story.

2. Thor & Loki

Brother fighting against brother, does it get more compelling than that?

3. Thanos & …everyone

Infinity War is the best Marvel movie, convince me I’m wrong. xD

4. Alina & The Darkling

NO I DO NOT SHIP THEM. I don’t like them together, not one bit. However, I did very much enjoy seeing how The Darkling chose to manipulate Alina in the Grisha Trilogy. Their antagonistic relationship was hard to watch at times, but I certainly fear The Darkling so he’s doing something right.

5. Kaz Brekker & Pekka Rollins

Watching these two duke it out in Six of Crows was so thrilling. I loved seeing Kaz fight with himself about wether or not he was just turning into Pekka. Such a good back and forth between them.

6. Victor Vale and Eli Ever

Has there ever been a more antagonistic, obsessive, twisted relationship? I really don’t think so. I love seeing these two try to outwit each other in Vicious.

7. Paige Mahoney & Jaxon Hal

This duo from The Bone Season by Samantha Shannon is definitely one for the record books. I love seeing them go from cohorts to combatants throughout the course of the series. Jax is such a complex fellow, and I just never know what he’s thinking ever. Highly recommend.

8. Kvothe & The Chandrian

Will Kvothe ever figure out what The Chandrian are all about? The world may never know. I am happy to wait as long as it takes to find out though, I am absolutely hooked on this world.

9. Nadya and ???

So Wicked Saints by Emily Duncan is one of my favorite books of 2019, and one of the main reasons is the antagonism between 2 of the major characters. I’m not saying who because spoilers, but trust me you don’t want to miss this one.

10. Katniss & President Snow

I don’t talk about The Hunger Games very awesome, but the dynamic between these two gave me some serious chills. I need to revisit Panem sometime very soon.

Those are my evil pairings for the day! Hope this list of skullduggery, lies, and deceit put you in a loving mood for Valentine’s day!


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