Waiting on Wednesday: Of Ice and Shadows

I’ve been looking for a good Wednesday meme to start and I think Waiting on Wednesday will be a great way to help promote upcoming releases! That’s one of the major things I want to do with my blog, so it’s a perfect fit!

This Wednesday I want to talk about a series by Audrey Coulthurt I fell in love with this month. The first book is Of Fire and StarsI’ve had it on my shelf for years, and in an effort to reduce my backlist stack, I finally picked it up. I read the prequel, Inkmistress, immediately afterwards and I loved it possibly even more!

There are so many things I enjoyed about both books, but the main thing was the romance. This was a huge shock for me because typically romance is my least favorite thing about a book. I just wanted the leading characters in both books to be happy. They kept being faced with horrible emotional betrayals and my heart bled for them. I went into the books expecting amazing LGBTQ relationships, and I really appreciated the diversity and the pacing of the love interests. Inkmistress especially is loaded with interpersonal complexity, and I was stunned by the obstacles that stood in Asra’s path.

In August the sequel to Of Fire and Stars is hitting shelves! The title is Of Ice and Shadows and the cover is just as beautiful as its predecessors.

Of Ice and Shadows (Of Fire and Stars, #2)

Plus, this title has a lot of meaning after Inkmistress!

The amazing f/f duo from Book 1 is travelling to a whole new land in this book, and I can’t wait to see how Denna’s magical abilities continue to grow. I am all in for more books from Coulthurst. She’s made me fall in love with love in Fantasy!

Let me know if you’re excited for Of Ice and Shadows! Happy Wednesday!


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