Throwback Thursday: Wondercon 2019

Last month was jam packed with conventions and not so much reading. This is why I front loaded a lot of reading in January and February! The rest of my summer isn’t going to be much calmer, so my reading might suffer a bit, but hey I get to go to conventions and interview awesome people so I am not complaining! So even though it was only about 5 days, I wanted to use a TBT post to talk about my recent Wondercon experience. It feel like it was about 3 months ago. xD

Kendare Blake (right) on my first panel at the con!

My weekend started with an interview with Kendare Blake, the author of Three Dark Crowns so the bar was set pretty high. I also spoke with Livia Blackbourne (Rosemarked), and a few professionals in the graphic novel scene. Talking with these creators and writers is so inspiring. Not only does it make me excited to continue to engage with the book community, but it reminds me that cool people exist and the world isn’t complete garbage.

I got a lot of fun artwork this year at Wondercon, including a few one of a king commissions. I particularly love this piece of my dog Laufey buried in sand.

It’s so perfect, and I love finding new artists in this way. The general vibe of the convention was just so happy this year. I don’t know what it was exactly, but there was something particularly joyous about the event this year. I can’t wait to go back, and if you’ve never been to a pop culture con before, I highly recommend Wondercon. It’s fairly chill, especially compared to San Diego Comic-con.

Let’s talk cons! Do you have any fun con stories, or any cons you would really love to go to someday? I’m planning a lot more in the near future and I can’t wait!


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