The ‘I Hate Spring’ Book Tag

The tag was created by Biblio Nyan created this tag, click here to see the original post. I found this tag through Clemi’s Bookish World.

I realize I am a bit late for a post about Spring, but this year is going by so fast! I haven’t looked through the questions at all yet, so this is going to be a wild journey. Let’s go!

The Time Tantrum: Name a book that had large time lapses that frustrated you greatly

There are actually a number of titles that fit this bill, but the one I will happily cite frustration with is Vengeful. The ways that the timeline hops back and forth in that book just didn’t work for me. Vicious was much better, and honestly I may just work on getting myself to believe the sequel never happened.

Bugs, Begone! Name an insect, or creepy crawlies, centred novel that you’ve been interested in reading, but feel too grossed out by to give a proper shot

So I’ve always been a science girl. Bugs in books don’t creep me out. One creature that would make me wary of a book is an Owl. If the book is just packed with illustrations of owls, I might have trouble reading it. They are murder-birds.

Tax Trouble: Name a special edition that was worth every penny

HAH I love the name of this question. So many honestly, I’m a sucker for a special edition, but my FairyLoot edition of Strange the Dreamer is a personal favorite.

Atrocious allergies: Name a book that you loathed so fricking much, that you may as well be allergic to it

Woo, I think it’s time for a mini list!

  1. Ink by Alice Broadway
  2. Four Dead Queens by Astrid Sholte
  3. Rabbit & Robot by Andrew Smith
  4. Mirage by Somaiya Daud
  5. Sleeping Beauties by Stephen King

Moody meteorology: Name a book, or book series, that has inconsistencies that drove you mad

Not an inconsistency in the normal sense, but I thought of Scythe. Just to be clear, I absolutely LOVE Scythe, but my copy is loaded with spelling and grammar errors. I found it really annoying.

That’s all for the tag! Hope some of these Springy facts are interesting, and that your biblio-hearts are light and happy this week.


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