Top Ten Tuesday: Auto Request Authors/ Books

Top Ten Tuesday was created by The Broke and the Bookish in June of 2010 and was moved to That Artsy Reader Girl in January of 2018. 

Since I’ve been trying to cut back on book buying lately, I wanted to change up the challenge a little bit today and talk about authors I will jump to request arcs for. Some of these are specific authors, but I also have a specific type of person I will tend to gravitate toward when it comes to debut writers.

Samantha Shannon

Bit of a no-brainer really. This lovely lady has written some of my all time favorite fantasy books. Having the chance to promote her work is definitely a driving force behind the creation of my blog.

Books with a Plague

You may or may not know that I have a soft spot for books that include a plague storyline. They are my absolute favorite and I will almost always request review copies for books that mention a plague in the synopsis.

Leigh Bardugo

Another one that’s probably no surprise. She is on my auto-buy list, my auto-request list. I think she has a wonderful perspective on life and I am so excited to see her write outside of the Grishaverse.

Witchy Books

So yeah, I consider myself a bit of a witch. A good witch, to be sure. Whenever I see a synopsis mention a coven, or a fledgling witch I am immediately intrigued.

Amy Rose Capetta

Amy Rose somehow makes me care about romance. It helps that her books contain amazing amounts of diverse representation, and often witch vibes.

Asian Inspired Fantasy

I am so pleased about the sheer amount of Asian Inspired Fantasy on the horizon. So many of my recent favorites fall into this category, and I can’t wait to find more!

Alexandra Christo

After writing one of the coolest mermaid books ever, I am firmly planted in Allie’s camp. I love her writing and her approach to feminism. I’m so excited to read her next title, Into the Crooked Place next month during Arc August.

Going to wrap up the list there! I’m really excited to grab some new titles during San Diego Comic-Con this week. Hopefully I’ll find a few new favorites!


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