#countdowntopriory Round 2!

On September 1st, the second month of my Bone Season read-along continued with The Mime Order. The second installment of the series is my favorite so far, so I am really excited to share this book and some custom merch for it with all my readers! It’s not too late to join in, just click the post below for more info.

This time around I custom ordered wood wick candles from Novel Heart Beat Creations and worked with In the Reads to create a custom wooden bookmark.

By participating in group discussions and posting photo for the 4 photo prompts in September, you can enter to win these prizes.

I’m having such an amazing time reading these books with a big group. It’s great to have people to talk to about the books I love, and to hear some new perspectives I haven’t considered before. I just finished my reread of The Mime Order today, and I was really struck by how poignant the story is. Books that focus on a growing revolution will always have an important place in society. I feel so empowered by Paige’s story and her struggles. My opinion of book 3, The Song Rising, may actually change a bit in light of certain real-world events. I’m looking forward to stepping back into Paige’s world again very soon.

Have you read The Bone Season? Let me know what you thought in the comments!


3 thoughts on “#countdowntopriory Round 2!

  1. I just finished reading the bone season, so maybe I will join for the readalong of the mime order! 🙂 (if I can find it in the library though..)
    But I also don’t want to continue yet, since it will take so long for all the books to be released..

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