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Haven’t done a tag in a minute, I found this one from The Elven Warrior today and it spoke to me. This tag was originally created by Jes Reads Books on Youtube. So let go of that breath you didn’t know you were holding and let’s talk some tropes.

Hopelessly Devoted: Name two characters from separate series that you ship!

I have two for this one. Lila Bard/Nikolai Lantsov and Kaz Brekker/Mia Corvere. I would love to see some short stories of both pairings please.

Damsel In Distress: Name a female MC who didn’t need a man to complete her

This one definitely goest to Gwen from Once and Future. I have a review of that one going up closer to the release date, but I really loved it. Gwen was an amazing character.

Love at first sight: name your OTP

If I have to choose an OTP it’s not going to be two people, it’s going to be like Lazlo Strange and a book, or Nina Zenik and waffles. I’m much more invested in those pairings.

Mental Illness As A Quirk: Name a book that represented mental illness well

I loved the way that anxiety and obsession was depicted in Vita Nostra. I have rarely ever read a better examination of the fears of coming of age, and the rigors of academia. Loved it so much.

The Chosen One: name a main character that did (or almost did) ruin a series for you

Mal from the Grisha Trilogy is pretty terrible. I’ve read the books twice, and I honestly don’t think I ever will again. Alina annoys me too, but Mal is just the worst.

Friends to Lovers: name a duo that went from friendship goals to relationship goals

I can’t really say who because spoilers, but there is a couple in Priory of the Orange Tree that definitely fits the bill.

Amnesia: name a book you would forget for one reason or another

Probably an unpopular opinion, but I wish I could forget about Vengeful. I just loved Vicious so much and I don’t think the sequel really added to my appreciation of the world or the characters. There were some good moments, but as a whole the book just didn’t work for me.

Bad Boys: name your favorite villain

Another spoiler here, but they are in Wicked Saints.

Missing Parents or Adults: name a book that could have benefited from a bit of parental guidance or adult supervision.

First book I thought of was Dear Evan Hansen. I don’t read a lot of contemporary and that book is a great example of why. I just could not handle all the crappy choices Evan kept making I wanted to shake him. I didn’t enjoy it at all. His parents were even in the book and he still made the worst choices ever!

That’s the tag! If you want to talk about some tropes please do tag me so I can see your answers! Happy reading.


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