Friday Favorites: Ships I just don’t Understand

This week's prompt is book boyfriends/girlfriends. I was tempted to just list all of the amazing book ladies I have crushes on (Nina Zenik, Paige Mahoney, Hermione, Jasnah Kholin, Odessa, Arsinoe, etc) I am a bit tired of all Valentine's themes right now, and I've had a bad week! So with a healthy dose of … Continue reading Friday Favorites: Ships I just don’t Understand

King of Scars – Dang Girl

This blog post needs no introduction. I read King of Scars by Leigh Bardugo as soon as I possibly could, and I loved every dang minute of it. While I did have some misgivings about the pacing, it was a minor issue for me and did not detract from my enjoyment one little bit. I am going … Continue reading King of Scars – Dang Girl