Emerald City Comic Con 2019 Wrap Up

Hard to believe, but ECCC 2019 is ending! This was my first year as an attendee, and I was also lucky enough to do some press things. I have a ton of fun interviews to share with writers of both prose and graphic novels. Some of them I have talked about on the blog before, and some are totally new, even to me! I’ll have more info up on each of those with a link to the soundcloud recordings and transcripts for anyone who has trouble with audio. Today I just want to share some of the cool experiences I had, and lessons I learned from listening to the panelists and exhibitors at the convention.

On Friday I attended a panel all about tropes. I didn’t know what to expect, and the conversation got surprisingly in depth! One of the best moments happened when an audience member asked if there is such a thing as a strong-female-character who is too masculine. I’m paraphrasing there, but one of the panelists was quick to redirect the question, and point out that it’s a transphobic line of thinking. It felt a little awkward for a moment, but the audience member apologized and rephrased her question. It was really a wonderful teaching moment for everyone I think, and it was something I saw more than once throughout the event. People here want to have those conversation and listen, and learn how to be better.

I also got to sit down with Margaret Owen, the author of Merciful Crow. We chatted a few times throughout the week, and she is just a delight! I think her voice is one we need in YA especially. I love her perspective on how to write tropes and she was one of the first people I’ve heard discuss the importance of power dynamics within tropes. This idea that it’s not the trope itself being overdone, but the power dynamic was new to me and I find it fascinating. I can’t wait to share more of my talk with her soon. Seriously we talked for almost an hour the first day, so get ready.

I was able to pick up quite a few new books at the convention. Most of them came from Penguin Random House, so huge thanks to them for being there and engaging the book lover’s at ECCC. I’ll post a full haul with some info on where/how I got the books later. I have to send 1 whole bag home with a friend so I might not get them back for a few days.

One of the books I am most excited to read is The Bone Charmer by Breena Shields. I did not expected to get a signed arc while I was here, and I am so pumped to read it!

I am exhausted, but it’s been an amazing week! I’m happy to talk more about all my experiences or answer any questions about the event. They had so many amazing opportunities for book lovers and I would definitely consider going back someday.


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